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After owning several Milanos/75's since 1992 (and worrying about "running too hot" since then), I've learned over time that they were designed to run between 175 and 200F.

The fan does turn on at about 195 at which point the needle is alarmingly erect. But if you have a good clean radiator, the temperature should come back down to 175 before the fan shuts off.

My 75 3.0V6 is also my track car, and I put it through a lot. A lot of our track events are during the summer and they are held in the high desert (Willow Springs), or in the California central Valley (Buttonwillow). Both places are well known to have ambient temperatures in the 95-100F range. Running full throttle for a good 20 laps at both those tracks will quickly make the needle jump to 200-210 and stay there! Only during those times do we 75/Milano drivers turn the heather on in the cabin to keep the temperature stable. I have yet to lose a head gasket or radiator hose or radiator.

It's a tough little car.

Oh, did I mention that after said track event, I have a 300-mile hike back to home in the same car? Yup, I have that much faith in the 75 :D
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