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Head Gasket / Exhaust

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Hi all;

I changed my oil/filter last week and afterwards drove around for about an hour. Car ran fine nothing out of the "ordinary".

Yesterday I fired it up and after getting to Oper. temp I noticed a white/blueish smoke trail coming out of the exhaust. Smell is that lovely spent oil/fuel one. "Plume" increases with acceleration.

My first thought was a leaking head gasket, but it's not the puffy white cloud exhaust stream.
Oil is still nice and clean and @ the correct level, radiator cap is clean, coolant greenish color. No dark foam residue anywhere to be seen.
I did clean out my clogged CAT about a month ago, but this just occured after the oil change.

I keep coming back to the gasket or worn rings, any other possibilities one can suggest.

TIA, Steve
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I doubt you have a headgasket problem if you don't see sludge in the coolant. Another sign of bad headgasket is oil leaking under the rear of the engine.

I also doubt it is rings if it came on suddenly.

Easiest way to check these is a compression test.

Did you have the car jacked up in the front at any time? I once had mine lifted in front for a couple of days to do some work on the brakes, and the next time I drove the car it smoked from the exhaust for a couple of miles. I figured oil made it into the #4 cylinder. I gave off a LOT of smoke, and had me pretty nervous for a while.

Also make sure the dipstick and oil filler cap are properly sealed. If not, they let too much air into the crankcase. This usually makes the engine run roughly, but it could perhaps cause some smoke from incomplete combustion.

That's all I got, but you will find others here with a lot more expertise.
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Check The Oil Vapor Canister & Lines - Clear, Not Plugged?

Proper Oil Weight?

Any Fouled Plugs?
Easiest way to check these is a compression test.
Yes probably should get that done soon.

Did you have the car jacked up in the front at any time?
Oh yea, car was in the driveway on an incline while idling, oil probaby hit #4, hottest part of the engine of course. :rolleyes: Should much oil be getting past the rings anyway?

I might have a leak somewhere in the exhaust, this might account for something entering the stream?
since there are no valve guide seals on the exhaust valves, oil can leak down the guide into the cyinder of an open exhaust valve and cause smoke after sitting. this should clear up after a few miles tho.
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