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Anybody have any idea why the torque spec is listed differently for the 2.5 vs the 3.0? From craig's site, in the engine section, I see the 2.5 listed as:
Initial assembly: 57.9ftlb (8 kgm)
1000km: 65.1ftlb (9 kgm)

and the 3.0 listed under a seperate section in 00-complete car as:
Initial assembly: 65.1 to 72.3ftlb (9 to 10 kgm)
1000km: 73.7 to 78.1ftlb (10.2 to 10.8kgm)

I was thinking either it's:

A) an updated spec, since 164's seem to use the later one and it was probably written after the 2.5 part (although 164's are 3.0L and up)

B) something to do with the head gasket changes over the course of the V6, two piece vs one piece, etc

C) 3.0's have a higher compression ratio than the 2.5's

Whichever it is, I'm using the 65lb spec for my 2.5 milano gold, but I'm still curious as to why?
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