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Trust in the papajam for rich in the force he is.

Switches can die as suddenly as anything else, even by simply disconnecting and reconnecting the wires on an old one.

AFA all the 'extra' terminals, the wires given above will allow the flashers to work if they are gonna work. The other terminals either aren't used, not used on that particular model car, (remember, the switch can likely be found in several models and marques that may or may not require different wiring arrangements) or are used for things over and above actual turn signal function (backlight or power/ground/circut jump off to service other things mabe, but not the actual flasher circut)

EG: the rocker style flasher switch in the S3 has some empty terminals too when properly connected, (at least IIRC), as does the heater rocker switch (which I'm sure about)
Granted yours is a different style/type switch, but the premis is the same.
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