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Hardtop lamp removal

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i didnt want to force and thought i might ask and see if anyone knows. the manual doesnt show how to REMOVE the lamp from the hardtop to change the bulb.

my overhead lamp has never worked. the overhead maplight works though! is the overhead lamp only supposed to work on the doors opening?? when the headlamps are on? (like the trunk/hood lamps)

steer me straight.

thanks in advance --Guido
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I've never had to do it since both my lights are still working, but it looks like in the shop manual, you just have to pry out the whole support and then change the bulbs. I can't remember if the light works with the car off I think it does, it does come on when you open the doors though. I'll check and also see about pulling out the support to changing the bulb when I go out later tonight.
To change the bulbs, you have to pry out the entire piece and then you can get to the bulbs. Do not try to just remove the lens or map light. The piece is actually pretty sturdy. I used a flat head screwdriver to pop the thing out. Be gentle, don't rip the vinyl and work all around the assembly, pry it out a little bit at a time. There are two "expanding" plastic tabs on each end. They expand and anchor the housing after its been pushed into place. It may sound a little scary, squeaking and such as you pry it out, but just be gentle and you should be fine. The lights do work with the car on or off, headlamps on or off, and doors open or closed. 3 way switch, down for the map light (always on), middle for courtesy lights on both the hard top and under dash when opening and closing doors (on timer), and up for the courtesy lights on both hard top and under dash (always on).
awesome. thanks gentlemen.

all of my lights work now. i guess i might need new door-sensors. i pulled them out and cleaned and dielectic greased them, but they still dont work . (is it normal that i have 2 per door?)

odd also that the bells work when door is opened and key is in ignition, etc.

gonna see if i can order some now
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