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Happy Alfista

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I got Margherita back home last night after the extensive maintenance that she desperately needed, thanks to Erik at Rathmann Auto Works in Poway. He had to replace the old 3 liter cams since one of the exhaust lobes was severely worn. I had found two sets of cams through this site; one came with a set of heads, which I did not need but Erik said that he could use them. The cams were re-profiled and re-ground to spec.

She now has a rebuilt clutch, all new rubber seals, giubos, new braided stainless steel brake lines, brake pads, suspension tweaks, and so much more the invoice is literally 5 pages long; BUT I am not complaining. Margherita is now the car that she once was. Nice crisp handling and the distinctive exhaust note has returned. She gets right up on the cams and scoots. I can hardly wait for this weekend to shoot up to Cars and Coffee on the early morning speed run.

A great and fun car to drive all the time!!!
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Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!
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