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This year's 3 day drive went well. The greatness of the event started with the Radio Museum in Bellingham, and if you've never been there, it's very cool. Then great roads winding our way to the town of Glacier in the foothills of Mount Baker. A couple hours had us driving to Artist Point, walking around a bit and then back down to Glacier.
The next day was more great back roads and Hwy 20 through one of the most scenic mountain passes anywhere... the North Cascades. We overnighted in Winthrop, eating at the Duck Brand Hotel.
The last day, was following some back roads that took us from mountains, to meandering river valleys, to arrid high prairie, to wide river valleys, back to mountains and then Hwy 2... a great mix! At one point, the convertibles collected some straw blown up by those in front... small price to pay for the view and the fun roads.
My favorite stretch of driving roads would simply be the Chumstick Highway approaching the town of Plain!
If you went... what was you favorite part of the weekend? If you didn't go kick yourself in the *** for missing a great drive!
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