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Had series 4 spider an airbag in USA?

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Here in Europe it seems it didn't get. Any info on USA specs?
Can we upgrade with a driver airbag?
Many thanks to all

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Have you got a suggestion on how upgrade a europe spider that has no airbag. Any vendor in USA of a kit or so?
Thank you very much

To add an airbag into a car would take a huge effort. You would basically have to have a donor car and replace wiring, modules ,sensors etc. Not worth it.

Massimo, if you're serious about trying to install an air bag, I would be willing to help. I just took my steering wheel off...with the air bag....and I would be willing to send it to you along with any sensors and wiring that I can salvage from my car. You pay the shipping...the parts are free.
Man, I'm with Paul on this. It would be a major pain in the butt for a system that, quite honestly, is rather flaky.

I mean, I've put stupid amounts of time into fixing my airbag system so that it doesn't fault out at all, but that's because (a) it's all already there and (b) I'm an anal-retentive nutjob. I can't imagine going through all the trouble of installing one from scratch.

Just stock up on life insurance and maintain a casual attitude towards your own continued existence. That's how most people get through the day.
Mon Cher Ami ...

Mon Cher Ami

I agree with Paul and Gubli.

Even if you were successful in installing the airbag …
How would you test it and make sure it is connected correctly?
Maybe you can try it out on the “periferique” and run over some 2CV’s …:rolleyes:
Interesting question there, Massimo. Please allow me to pass on some facts on the series 4 Spider airbags. We own two Spiders, a '91 and a '94.

The airbag systems in these cars were a nuisance, a continual problem. The most common problem was if you hit a pothole or fairly large bump in the road surface, one of the sensors would engage, thus illuminating the "CHECK AIRBAG" warning light. Unless you knew how to reset the airbag processor unit, you had to take the car back to the dealer for a reset. This problem was fairly common. Our airbags are unplugged at the steering wheel, with the connector taped. I got very tired of dealing with this situation!

The airbag system itself is quite complex, consisting of a small dedicated ECU, several impact sensors, wiring with special connectors, and of course the airbag unit itself within the North American steering wheel assembly.

I suggest you consider the risk of attempting to integrate all this into your Spider successfully, knowing that about any type of short circuit or electrical fault could possibly either disable the system or even fire the airbag. Would you really want to risk that happening while you are driving? With all due respect, I hope you reconsider (although I understand you have a concern for safety). Airbags are engineered into modern vehicles, not added onto them.

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Dear all,

Sorry for late replay, traveling time for me.
Thank you VERY much for so insightful replays. I`m astonished about how much know how we have in this forum.
With your help, I come to the conclusion that the installation is feasible but not necessarily reliable. Checking the actual working would also be a nice issue.....
My special thanks to Backfeeder for his offer of the parts.
I`ll be back to the forum with other questions, I like this sort of exchanges


PS My aim was to but a spider for my son, but feeling bad about giving him this sort of weapon....
The Alfa 164 has the same Steering wheel with airbag, don't know about the sensors and wiring, but prolly.
PS My aim was to but a spider for my son, but feeling bad about giving him this sort of weapon....
I don't think you have anything to fear. The spider is a fairly docile auto (unless of course you buy the 135 mph DD version) an if its well sorted should be fine car for your son. Its superior handling might even help to keep him out of trouble.

I can only wish my dad had bought me one.
Massimo- I'm a father also. I understand your concern.

Why not consider a set of 4 or 5 point seat belts? I'm sure you could get some information from the Spider Forum here on where to attach them to the body structure. These belts would do a better job of keeping the driver and passenger firmly held in the seats, compared to the over-the-shoulder original style belts. You may also wish to post the question in the Motorsports section.

The best driving lesson I ever learned that I have already impressed upon my 11 year old son is that the laws of physics apply to ALL of us! I know that because I tried several times to defy them! :rolleyes:
I'd be less concerned about airbags (which I suspect have dubious safety gains in the first place if the car is properly engineered otherwise, and the occupants wear their seatbelts - PROPERLY ADJUSTED...) and more concerned about roll-overs in these tiny convertibles. Rather than try to retrofit a potentially hazardous device, I'd go for a roll-bar.

I've put a little thought into Spider safety myself. Coming from the world of Datsun/Nissan Z cars, I'm fairly confident about their safety based on the basic design of the car and what I've heard from folks who have been in Z crashes. But the Spider is a totally different animal, especially with being a convertible. I can say that if I were married and my wife wanted a Spider, I would almost certainly put a roll-bar in it. I don't know if I'd ever get over it if someone I cared about got seriously injured or killed for such a preventable reason.

With that said, do I have a roll-bar in my own personal Spider? No way!!!! :p's something I've considered, and will probably do if I start using the car for more than just Sunday drives on back-roads.
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