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GTV'S Attack Pacific Coast Hwy

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A few of us went for a pre Monterey weekend run this morning to make sure all the bugs were shaken out of the newly restored cars. We logged over 100 miles of coastal and mountain highway. All the cars ran great and are ready for the trek north next week. Here are some pictures, enjoy!
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Here are a few more....


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Good looking threesome guys.
looking good. maybe next year i'll be crusin' with you guys.
That's hot!

We should do a all GTV run one of thee days. Just hit them hard with like 15-20.
Looking good! Its great to see the 74 finally done and on the road. :D
I've said it before and I'll say it again. You California guys are just too :cool:.
i second what Sniady said . . .
Looking very good...I want those dark GTA wheels :D droool
looks like you had way too much fun.....;) Wish I could have joined, although my unrestored 1750 would have looked a little out of place ;)....oh well, I was nowhere near CA last weekend anyway
... looks like BIG fun :)

It reminds me of that japanese youtube film with three 105 GTs !?
The dark rims really make the GTV looked modern. :cool:
the pics of the ocean are nice, but what makes me really feel I'm there with you is the pic of one of you fighting to get the gas nozzle into the red `74. Very evocative. see you in monterey

:DYes...not one fighting.....but was a group effort...but worth salvaging every drop....enjoy.


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yeah that's what I'm talking about. I'm sure this forum is full of tips on gassing up, but for what it's worth I always start at a right angle then jam and twist!
What would be really awesome would be if 15-20 of your GTV's could take a long road trip and head east to Chicago next June. I'll make sure you guys get the red carpet treatment and a welcoming party of at least 30 other GTV's. Actually, we are planning a GTA reunion for our Chicago Convention. Detroit's Convention was unbelievable, almost a dozen GTA's. I figure you guys can do a "cannonball run" and whomever gets here first gets free dinner. Ok, how about oil and a tank of gas? :D

Roman of Auto Prep brought a whole s..t load of cars. The best car in my opinion was Lee Midgley owned by Roman , his car has all of it's soul intact. Present was als the x- Lepro GTA from Argentina, Horst Kwech Trans Am winner, etc...


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All lovely looking cars, what a great day for a run.
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