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GTV6 wiper relay

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I am thinking about putting a relay (relays) into the wiper circuit on my '83 GTV6 to try and make the wipers work better.


I found out that installing an ignition switch relay will take care of the wipers so my question is mute.

Unfortunately I don't know how to delete this thread.
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Funny this thread is popping up now. I've been interested in installing a relay to bypass the ignition swith while it is in the run position. I found a fairly vague description of the process by Al Campbell. He says the wire to use for the relay runs from the ignition to fuses 6, 7, and 8.
I was looking over the fuse box today an trying to identify this wire, but it goes up into the dash then comes back down to the fuse box. I wanted to ask here if anyone has an easy way of identifying this wire without pulling the dash.
In the picture my thumb is below fuse #6. Thanks in advance!


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