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GTV6 Rear Caliper Bleeder Screws

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I was curious if anyone else had knew whether it was normal for there to be a lot of 'play' between the bleeder screws and caliper threads on the rear GTV6 calipers. I don't remember how loose the bleeder screws were in the old calipers. I replaced the rear calipers, pad, rotors in October and I'm having a really hard time getting a solid pedal after bleeding the brakes. I am very suspicious, because once fluid was weeping from one after being tightened. At the time I carefully tightened it up more, re-bled, etc., but still can't get the pedal solid.

I was fiddling with it today since it warmed up a lot, and swapped the bleeder nipples on the right rear caliper. One is noticeably better fit in either hole than the other. Has anyone else come across this?

Thank you.
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There should be NO play in the bleeder screw threads. To solve your problem, and make brake bleeding easy, I HIGHLY recommend Speed Bleeder bleed screws (they have built-in check valves, and are well made with thread-lock material on the threads to help with sealing). I use them on all my cars now and can completely bleed the brakes on any of the cars, by myself, in an hour or less.
I told myself that if I needed new bleeder screws, that I'd get the speed bleeders. I even went so far as to ask the speed bleeder dudes for the sizes needed for a gtv6 which they eventually provided.

Your comment on the thread-lock stuff is good reminder as well and may clear up the issue. I guess I really have no other way to know if it is a bad threaded hole or bleeder screw without starting with the bleeder screws. Basically, I just need to get off my lazy, cheap bum and order the speed bleeders!

Thanks for the reminder! :)
Back form the dead! Sounds like a good solution. Can anyone tell me the sizes and pitches of the screws?
Second that...

Can you please let us know which size speed bleeder is required for the backs - I successfully rounded the screw on the right caliper last night without moving them. Still driveable for now but the brakes still need bleeding. Also - what's the best way to replace them? Is it just undo the old ones and screw in the new and then bleed the system? What do you do to prevent brake fluid from going everywhere incl onto the discs - does it spurt out or just dribble?

Let's play 'spot the guy who hasn't doen this before..' :eek:
I think Speed Bleeders are the only new replacements you can find anyway, I was looking for some regular bleeders for my Milano rears a while back and couldn't find them anywhere.

Hi Kevin,
do you know what size & pitch are required for an 83 GTV6?
I bought the SB7100S's for my Milano which I assume are the same as the GTV6. They are M7 x 1.0's.

Thanks Kevin - that is the size that I was thinking as the ones on my GTV6 use a 7mm spanner (if they are not rounded) to undo them. Will see if I can get them in Australia or if I have to order them from the US.
Speed bleeders (and normal bleeders) for Alfas are available from Centerline Alfa Romeo

Normal bleeders are available from Vick Autosports -- Rear Caliper Bleed Screw - Alfas with Ate calipers

I bought the Vick Autosport normal bleeders for my '84 GTV6 and they worked perfectly.

(No affliation to either company, just passing on info to fellow Alfisti :) )
No luck finding them available at any retail stores, at least locally. Might try some of the more specialized performance shops. BIke shops, too.
You were able to get the rear bleeders from Vick's? The fronts are easy to get.

You were able to get the rear bleeders from Vick's?
Yes, the rears from Vick Autosport, about 1 month ago.

FYI, International Autoparts did not have them.
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