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My car is not a full on racer, more a road car that does the occasional sprint. Thuse, these settings might be a bit soft for a dedicated racer (although, if you took a lot of weight out, they might be close to the mark):

28.5mm torsion bars (from PACE Engineering)
200lb rear springs (Kings Springs)
Koni Yellow Sport Shocks
24mm front anti rollbar (Whiteline Suspension)
20mm rear bar (stock)
F -4.0 degrees camber
F 2mm toe out
F 4 degrees castor
R -0.5 deg camber
R 1mm toe in
Ride height is set so the front lower wishbones are horizontal and the rear is 10mm higher (measured via jacking points).

This makes for a fairly neutral car. It could probably do with less front and more rear roll stiffness for the race track (to make it sharper), but thats not ideal on the road.
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