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Hey Folks,
I am going to start setting up a GTV6 for a customer/friend to race. I would like input on the best sway bars/torsion bars/springs, etc. I have had many GTV6's that came with upgrades and have a little knowledge, but I want to offer him as many options to do it to his satisfaction as possible. He has raced Spiders extensively in the 90's.
Names of manufacturers and and specifics on what you have used would be great. Thanks in advance.

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My car is not a full on racer, more a road car that does the occasional sprint. Thuse, these settings might be a bit soft for a dedicated racer (although, if you took a lot of weight out, they might be close to the mark):

28.5mm torsion bars (from PACE Engineering)
200lb rear springs (Kings Springs)
Koni Yellow Sport Shocks
24mm front anti rollbar (Whiteline Suspension)
20mm rear bar (stock)
F -4.0 degrees camber
F 2mm toe out
F 4 degrees castor
R -0.5 deg camber
R 1mm toe in
Ride height is set so the front lower wishbones are horizontal and the rear is 10mm higher (measured via jacking points).

This makes for a fairly neutral car. It could probably do with less front and more rear roll stiffness for the race track (to make it sharper), but thats not ideal on the road.

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This may be stating the obvious, but what does the rule book for his race organization allow, and what is his budget for this?

Those two questions are probably the most important in determining what is possible for the car.
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