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GTV6 Paint code frustration

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Yes I know the colour code is on a sticker under the hatch. That is not the problem. The problem is that I cannot find a paint code for the grey band that circles the lower part of the car. Here in Oz many GTV6's were painted in a two tone scheme and only the upper colour is on the sticker. In my case it is AR762. I just paid $30 for a rattle can of AR763 as a punt but it is not the right colour: too dark. This dark band is painted over the original silver which suggests it was an "afterthought" of sorts.
Yes, I have searched the forums and, no, I cannot find a code.
My car is original. Painfully so. But I am certain it has the original grey band.
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You were close! The correct code is AR761.

Alex Jupe confirmed this in a facebook post, he restores GTV6's in the UK so i trust his advice on that. Not sure if it comes glossy or if a matting agent is required for the right look, but it should be the right colour. Report back and let us know how you go as it's been asked a few times before but a lot of misinformation out there.
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Thankyou. I will. And, YES!, there is a lot of misinformation out there...
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Saw pictures of a burgundy red gtv6 yesterday with the gray line and also the dishes of the original alloy wheels had that color.
Looks great, was this original?
Was a US car
Actually this has been discussed here many times but there is no factory note on that colour. However there was a note from a poster who claimed to have found that colour, so I made a note. His solution was AR 763/D Grigio nube, allegedly. Maybe its a shade different from the one you tried. Myself I have not tried this colour as my car does not have this grey area, earlier model. So you might be close then!
AR761 should be the correct code, AR763 is the metallic grey colour commonly seen on european GTV6's (body colour), not the plastic colour we are referring to.

Below is a pic of an AR763 GTV6, the front air dam, side skirts and bumpers etc are a different colour to the body...

The red GTV6 below shows (presumably) AR761, the air dam, side skirts, bumpers etc all match the side stripe colour, which is correct.
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The GT car above seems to have been painted in original car colour all over, some liked that better. However the lower dark grey part of the body on silver and red cars are more like dark grey matching horizontally the front and rear bumpers. I have seen different colours on that part more or less dark grey, almost black on some cars. So maybe Alfa used different colours over time. Anyway here an European GTV6 showing clearly that the colour is dark grey matching the bumpers. Also this colour goes up on the B-pillar up to the roof. Also colour samples and codes for AR 763 cloud grey and AR761 which is dark grey, and see what matches the bumpers best! As AR 763 is already tried maybe AR761 is the solution?
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Just to confirm, now having applied the paint.
AR762 is the Silver body colour.
AR761 is the Darker Grey band around the lower part.

As noted by others it seems there is variation in tints. In my case it looks to me that the Silver body colour fades to a lighter, whiter shade over time.
Thanks for your input.
I reckon this issue is now sorted.
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Good to hear it worked! Also glad you replied with your findings, so many threads turn into a dead-end. I hope this paint code mystery can now finally be put to bed.
Yes, would be nice to see the end result and how close the match is to the bumper colour!
It looked like this... I sold it. Too fast for road use, too valuable for the track. FWIW the front wing and door are the same colour
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Any price range
"Any price range"
Sold early 2020 for approximately AUD $25k. Like all things that are fun at home, the value has nearly doubled during the time of the Virus from Wuhan. The car was, for me, a project to learn about restoring, rather than maintaining, an old Alfa, but also to test whether I liked doing it.
I broke even in terms of money.
A "fast road" GTV6 is not an easy thing to drive in suburbia. It desperately wants to "go" and it hates low revs.
Hi Millsy,

Thanks for posting the findings mate as I am in Melbourne and had been searching around for this exact answer for a recently purchased GTV6. I am also finding that it doesn't love the stop start around the city but otherwise boy is it fun.
Thanks again mate.

I have since bought another. It has been sitting for 15 years but is stunningly original and rust free. I think a standard GTV6 with standard exhaust is more manageable but I added a full CSC exhaust, it had aggressive cams and it was loud. This current car will be brought back to original and developed from there. ALL the rubber needs replacing.
I bought a GTV race car. It is FAST. While this is an expensive route, the experience of a real race car is extreme. It allows the splitting of the "driving" into fun, sporty blasts in the hills (road car) and all out aggressive technical driving.

If you're going the rattle can route, you will need to "blend" the paint at the edges using clear over the top. The clear adds body and creates a single visible surface
Great to hear you got another and the story sounds familiar. The one we just bought had been sitting for 11-12 years as well and has a cam for the midrange and generally is in good condition except the body needs some work. Hadn’t decided yet how I was going to paint it as think the car could do with a complete spray at some pint but it has 3 prove Simmons which are black with paint damage so I would like to get them painted the same colour as the lower grey code you found.
I am saying this now but I know I shouldn’t. No track/race car for me as I did that for years on motorcycles and now I just don’t have the spare time and other things to spend cash on. Alfa club sprints maybe but even then I I am worried about being hooked again. 🤣

which state are you in?
Oh and if you find door rubbers with the special fluffy trim can you please let me know! 😁
Just bought an '83 from a friend. The original color appears to be silver metallic, although it has had a pretty comprehensive respray in silver metallic. The paint code, though, is AR 748, Grigio Chiaro - light gray. The respray included door sills and trunk, but apparently not the engine compartment, which reveals silver when the dirt is rubbed away. I need to get some paint to do the leading edge of the side mirrors (they weren't resprayed and are now pretty ugly). Since I can't trust the paint code - unless someone can tell me that "light gray" really means "silver," I'll take the car to the auto paint store and see if they can scan the color.


You're better off taking it to the paint store and getting it matched.
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