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I have a set of velour cloth pin-stripe GTV6 seats for sale, both front seats, and the rears, minus the headrests.

The seats exhibit some fading but still look sharp and presentable. the driver's seat has been repaired on the outer bolster with a thicker piece of vinyl sewn on, no loss of foam.

The passenger seat is in good shape except for a small tear in the back of the seat (vinyl, where rear passenger knee might be), and some of the fabric beneath the headrest has torn along the top (not noticeable when headrest installed)

Rear seats exhibit the typical cracked vinyl on the outside top half. Headrests are faded and fabric has deteriorated from the sun but none of it is missing (just looks slightly torn). Lower seat cushion could use a seam re-stitched along the driver-side passenger outside thigh area.

Foam is in great shape in all of the seats, and the mechanicals of the front seat function flawlessly.

I'm looking to get $200. Trying not to deal with shipping, but I travel a decent amount throughout MI and Ohio so perhaps we could work something out.

email me at [email protected]

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