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GTV6 Gas Cap replacements.

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When I got my '85 GTV6 it had a gas cap from (I believe) a milano. It had a propensity for getting stuck if I tightened it at all. After cracking it a few times trying to get it unstuck I started not tightening it all the way. Unfortunatly this came around and bit me a few weeks ago when I was going down the highway and it flew off. :(

Now I have emissions coming up in 2 weeks and cant seem to find a replacement at a sane price. Should I be fine if I get another milano cap? Does anyone know of any other gas caps that will fit?
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many caps from FIAT and lancia will fit.

I lost the original cap for my gtv6 and the locking milano cap
was making me crazy, so I replaced both of them with ones from
fiats as my mechanics had those available.
I bought a Fiat one for less than $30 for my GTV from one of our parts suppliers in Adelaide. It doesn't look original, but it works well. The thread is bigger on the 80s GTV than the 33, 75TS and 2.5 V6, so they are harder to find second hand.
If you don't care about it matching the original appearance or having a lock, you could try the one this company sells. $12.50.

Rayce - Import Parts Specialists
Thanks a lot for the answers everyone, this was driving me crazy.
Someone is selling on in the classifieds section of ~ Home of the Alfa Romeo Transaxle.
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