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Well thanks for all the help on the valve covers. I am dressing (bead blast and paint) some Milano 2.5 covers to put on the early GTV6 engine while I have the script valve covers cleaned and polished along with the plenum. I agree the script looks much nicer than the block letters and the flat covers should polish up very nicely.

Now the next foolish question. There is a rattle in the exhaust system where the headers enter the two rear pipes. Seems the PO did not tighten the clamps to grab the header pipes snugly and they rattle in the connection. I guess the rear pipe is 2" but when I went to get some exhaust clamps they had all sorts of sizes near the 2" size. 1 7/8, 2, 2 1/8, 2 1/4 etc.

So on a Stebro exhaust what would the pipe size be where the pipes slip over the headers?

Should I clamp it snug or should I put in a flex connector between the headers and the pipe?

The rest of the system seems nicely installed, although the headers are a bit squashed flat on the bottom as the car is set up quite low. Additionally I got the nitrous hose out and noticed that there is a sensor that is sort of wired up out of the way. I am thinking it is the exhaust temp probe and it ends just past the middle of the car.

Any thoughts on the exhaust size and what the probe is?

Learning more and knowing less all the time.
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