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GTV6 Body Kits - Lester/Gran Turismo

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Hello folks,

I'm trying to find out what the Gran Turismo body kits look like - I have done a web search but turned up nothiong picture-wise. Can someone direct me to some pics of the Gran Turismos kit?

In searching for the GT kit, I found Lester kits, and I wonder if anyone - particularly in Europe - has any experience with these? Are they similar to the Gran Turismo? They have a couple different kinds, I prefer the non-ridged (or non-accordian) look, if you will.

Price-wise, the USA distributor told me that after discounts (30%+) the American dollar price will mirror the EU price roughly. The problem is wait time for the ocean voyage (3+ months), and shipping costs ($300+). It might be wiser to buy them outside of NA and then ship them over. I don't know.

Here's the link you can see for yourself - I'm also curious as to what some think of the Lester aftermarket bonnet/air intake?

I also can't tell what the difference is on the Lester site between a "rear bumper" and a "rear apron."


'86 GTV-6 2.8 GS
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Okay, I think the "rear apron" is the rear spoiler (duh).

I like the look of the Lester kit as shown on an Alfetta body (red car), but if you're going to increase the wheel arch beyond the all ready big stock ones you'll want some serious rubber under them. At one point a while back I was considering the hoodscoop, but on looking at the pics closely I am not so sure it would work on a gtv6 hood as it is shown on a flat Alfetta hood - hard to tell where the gtv6 bump and the scoop would work out.

If I had a gtv6 I was lloking to repaint I think that Lester kit on the red Alfetta would look pretty nice - and you'd get rid of the weight of the bumpers!

Yeah, the red Alfetta in the top pic is hot hot hot. If I had an Alfetta, I think I would go that way.

I'm not really interested in the wheel arches, because as you say, that's overkill on the GTV-6. I'm interested in the side skirts, the fiberglass bumpers or front/rear spoilers. I didn't realize the hood was Alfetta only? You may be right, I'm not sure either. I do like it, though, especially on an Alfetta. In fact, that's about the nicest Alfetta I've seen.

In fact, kit093 is very nice, if you remove the wheel arches (I don't care for those on either model). I like the raised rear spoiler and the louvers with a bridge in the middle with the fiberglass bumpers.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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