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What to do with a straight , very low rust abandoned GTV6.
Add new injectors, replace fuel pump, replace hoses, timing belt and all fluids. Next the you find that the brakes are shot. Replace front and rear rotors, brake master,add stainless steel brake lines and rebuild all for calipers. Runs an stops now. Oh no rear rotor not tighten properly.
Rotor falls off and breaks caliper mount. Remove transaxle have welded, install new clutch,trans mounts, poly bushing on watts ,replace driveshaft flex couplers. The front exhaust is too bent to reinstall add euro down pipes and new mid section. Texas heat is too brutal for the a/c system. Install Vintage Air Compact (heat,defrost,a/c) system with new sanden compressor,milano mount, pulley (thanks APE) condensor,hoses, aux fan and drier.
None of guages ever seems to be right! Install intellitronix 6 guage digital panel with GPS speedo. Car sure needs paint. Guess what's next.
I can help with questions on the a/c and digital dash if there is any interest.
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