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GTV Tail lights on a De Tomaso Pantera

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As a kid, this was my absolute favorite car - I'm not sure it still isn't. Anyway, I was drooling at one on eBay:

and notice a couple of things I thought interesting:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Coupé

GTV Tail lights apparently were used on the Pantera...

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Wheel Alloy wheel

As were the corner lights.

He also has a nice looking GTV:

and what looks to be a pretty impressive collection of just about any car I'd want...
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I think they're more like 1972-1974 Berlina lights......Here's a car that uses the small GTV Iso Grifo;p=-249233525
Yes, they're 71-74 Berlina taillights. Lots of small-production Italian supercars used Alfa, Fiat lights, switches, etc.

I stand corrected - Berlina's they are.

My first new car was a '77 Fiat Spider. My roomate had a Ferrari 275 Spider. It was interesting to put the two side by side. There were, as you mention, a lot of common parts - unfortunately not including the V12 ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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