We have 4 or 5 decent engines from parts cars that would be good candidates for rebuilding. Mileage is unknown. They were running when harvested, but we really don't know too much. They were really a terrific engine, though and not generally prone to huge catastrophic failures. We ran a three car race team in the 1980s in IMSA and the engines always held up fine. The weakest link were the transaxles so we bought a lot of cars just to get those. Between that and the street cars getting tired, we ended up with quite a few motors. Now they need to go and make room for new ventures. Package deals are welcome. We are gradually downsizing the 4000 square foot behemoth of Alfas Unlimted so if you are thinking of building a stash for future needs this, is the time. But remember, we have no inventory list or organization so please bear in mind we are not Auto Zone, as you can tell.