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If you want cheap ones (~$10 ea) , you could try this:

GE 24460 4412A Miniature Automotive Light Bulb at

or this:

Specialty Halogen: 35W PAR46 12 8V AMBER COLOR COLORED LAMP 4412A @ Northwestern Lighting

*Note: I have not bought either of these, or seen them in person.

I think the housing designation is PAR-46 and the fog-type beam pattern is 4412. If I am not mistaken, a 'spot' beam pattern is H7635 or 4435, and the aircraft landing lights are 4537.

These guys:

Ryder Fleet Products - Starting Page

seem to have several choices that would fit in the GTV buckets, and run off about 12V (no amber lenses that I saw, however).

I think the stock fog-light fuse is 16A, at least for a '69 US GTV. This means that you definitely shouldn't go over 70 Watts for each bulb. I think if you use the stock wiring, you probably should not exceed 50 Watts per bulb. Even 50 Watts may be pushing it a bit.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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