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GTV Easy Start after 5 months sitting.

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We put the GTV in the garage before Christmas this past winter to begin welding in the repair panels for the rockers. We did have it running before putting it away and before then it had sat for 7 years and the PO could not get it running. With the help of Jim, I was able to sort a bad relay and she started right up.

Today we needed to move her out of the garage to clean up for a motorcycle event at our house tomorrow. We put the wheels on and connected the battery, Turned the key to let the fuel pump run to build pressure and Vroom, she started right up to a nice idle!!! I love it when I get lucky.

The body is very rough still but we're making progress, slowly but surely. We are almost finished welding on the drivers side and will move over to the Pass side soon.
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Looking good Jon! We are moving slowly also but I try to just keep it moving. I figure if I stop the wife will starting pushing to have it sold. That's what happened to my last fun car and I've been kicking myself ever since! Good luck and I hope you have a good driving season!
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