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Gtv budget track day toy

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Heya guys, my sudden interest in alfas may have created an animal

I recently aquired my third in as many months, straight as a die, honest, and no rust.

Motor has been described as tired, and considering the plugs have been pulled, I'm guessing rings have seen better days

The plan of attack, whip out the 2l, throw in my near fresh 1750 and build the 2l to suit a small turbo-water meth setup just as a bit of a track day / motorkhana toy

My first question

Will Ts pistons drop into a nord 2l and what compression will they give me?

Cheers guys
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Yes they will drop in but forgotten the comp ratio as it's been very very long.
Thanks stormx

I really should update here soon
Since this one is so good, ie. straight and no rust, why not make a track toy out of one of your other ones, and keep this one as a lucky original survivor?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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