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I am selling the 2.5 engine that came in my GTV 6 that I am restoring.
I am going with a 24 valve so need for the old.
It ran very strong, but since I had not driven a 2.5 for many years prior to getting this car I could not give a good comparison to a stock 2.5..
The original owner claimed the following when I purchased the car:
Race Prep -- (Red Line 8000 rpm) (That I can verify. It reved to 7200 very nicely and I did not push it past that. Better safe than sorry.)
Auto Delta pistons
Engine ported and balanced (Static & Dynamically) to within .5 gram
Auto Delta Autocross CAMS (runs smooth as silk)
Heads ported, oversize valves
I did not pull the heads to confirm any of his claims. I will do that if there is interest in the engine.
It's been stored and bagged in my shop for 6 years. Time to clean the old parts out.
I will post pictures tomorrow.
I'd like to get $1,200 for it if I can confirm the upgrades he claimed. But I will take offers since I have no idea what the market is for a modded 2.5 is.

I will post pictures tomorrow if there is any interest. I may also have a short video he sent me of the engine revving and running.

I also have a stock 2.5 that came out of a Milano. Asking $400 or best offer.
Local Pick up I can arrange to pallet it and ship via freight.
Marcus McGee
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