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Hello friends,

One (supposedly) Alfa guru told me the following story about GTC :
"Back in the sixties when Alfa & Touring produced the GTC, Alfa delivered to Touring unfinished GT Bertone bodies and their assigned engines + gearboxes separately .
This, because Touring had a lot of metalwork to perform on the body and inside the engine compartment to transform the coupe into a cabriolet and reinforce the structure.
At the same time the Alfa identification plates with punched chassis and engine numbers were also provided with the lot.
Touring stocked the mechanical parts somewhere during the metalwork and when time came to assemble the whole car they picked more or less at random into the stock of engines. Without to much consideration for the Alfa records.
This is the reason why there were from the very beginning a lot of GTC with engine numbers not matching their identification plates. "

The guy says probably not far from 50 %.

He says also :
"If the engine is a GT engine of the same year than the body or of a year before, then it's probably original, no matter what the identification plate says."

I'd like to know if someone heard about the same story.
Condidering the artisanal way they worked at that period in time this doens't sound impossible to me but I have no evidence of its certainty.
I am particularly interested because I am the proud owner of a 1966 GTC which is exactly in this situation.

Chassis number: 1966 according to Fusi))

Identified engine number : 00502*23939 (Fusi stops at 22902 in 1966):confused: And no more 00502 engines in 1967.

True engine number : 00502*10960 (1964 GT/GTC engine in Fusi).

Thanks in advance for your contribution and best regards from France.

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