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For sale are the parts from my GTAm engine.
These parts include:

1 GTAm cylinder head complete with valves, guides, seats, etc.
1 GTAm camshaft cover
1 GTAm intake manifold (for carburetors)
2 Colombo & Bariani 11.3 camshafts
4 GTAm pistons made by CPS 84.5mm
4 Nord connecting rods
1 Nord 1.8 lt engine block (without liners) that has to be CNC machined in order to
accommodate the monosleeve
1 Nord 1.8 lt crankshaft
1 Nord oil sump
1 complete stainless steel handmade exhaust, to fit Bertone chassis

These parts come from a complete GTAm engine that I have installed in my car in 2005 (shown in the first picture) and it has been illustrated in one of Jim Kartalamakis books. The monosleeve had a very loose fitting at the block, so it was decided to use a special glue in order to seal water. Unfortunately it was not sealed properly and there was water leakage. The engine has been disassembled and during the removal of the monosleeve the mechanic used pliers to grab it and the result was to chip the monosleeve in between two cylinders and to cause a crack at the engine block. I then decided to use a conventional 1750 block with bored out 84.5mm liners and a head gasket installed, which although it worked, it caused a premature gasket failure as the liners had very thin walls and the handmade gasket could not perform as required. Before that, the head has been completely refurbished by Gozzoli at Maranello, at a high cost ( the invoice is available), while new valves, guides, seats, retainers, etc have been installed. Since then, I have disassembled the engine and I kept the parts in my garage.

I am selling all these parts (NOT a complete engine) at the price of 15,000 USD

Please PM me for any further information.


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