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Gerald Reyenga stopped by yesterday and during conversation I ask him how the GTAm bodied car was coming along. ( I was refering to my old 1969 GTJr that I had the late Rabbit Davis (who built my GT2 car) install a full racing cage, fit the FG panels & build Aluminum dash & interior door & panel covers. All rust was removed & replaced with steel properly, and the car lightened. ) And apparently since having the car painted about 4 years ago, nothing has been done to it at all. He said he would like to sell it. This was the car I bought from Rasey Fezel in the late `99, that came with the original Halibrand Ford GT40 knockoff wheels that was used on his Series winning car that Dave Anderson then owned. The wheels & adaptors were sold to Dave.
The car was completely stripped and all parts boxed up. The front suspension is orig Autodelta links with spherical bearings inner. Rear trailing arm mounted Autodelta sway bar, 5.12 rear with panhard bar & 4 link (two upper & lower adjustable trailing arms).
The car is nicely painted, but is CocaCola red (not intended!) The cage is a work of art. After painting he had the painter install the front & rear glass. It will need to be removed to install the aluminum panels for the dash & parcel shelf. The body man made covers for the two upper rear links that are not appropriate (imho), and aftermarket shift boots were intended to cover the openings so that the rod ends were accessable for adjustment.
That`s a quick introduction if any of you have interest.
Gerald`s email is [email protected]
It would be my guess that $8.000.00 would buy the car.

(I have a pic of the car after the cage was installed, but before fenders etc. were done. (but I`m sure he can take new pics. )This will give you an idea of what condition the body was in before fenders & paint) Pic wouldn`t upload to the BB.

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If you like you can email the photos to simon [at] and Ill make sure that they get posted to this thread.

Sure would like to see the car!

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