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I have the folowing GTA parts for sale:
  • original 1600 GTA front and rear seats
  • Autodelta GTA bucket seat
  • original GTA alu t-bar
  • original GTA petrol pumps in working condition
  • original GTA LSD 40% lock completly overhault
  • original GTA engine hood NOS
  • original 1300 GTA distributor, mounting plate and conection ring
  • original unnumbered 1300 GTA engine block, crank (never touched, stock mesurements on bearings) and rods
  • original 1300 GTA exhaust manifold
  • original 1300 GTA carbs 45 DCOE 18
  • original 1300 GTA steering wheel with hub
  • original GTAm inlet manifold for carbs
  • original high capacity GTA oilpump with snorkel for 6 row oilpan

And i have done a batch of following parts:
  • aluminium spare wheel wells, race or stradale version
  • plastic airboxes with snorkel
  • plastic dashboards GTA/GTAm

See also for sale section.

Shipping worldwide.
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