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GTA Lower Grille hole dimensions?

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Hi guys, can anyone tell me the dimensions/location for the lower openings?
Anyone know what the wire mesh spec is? ie wire thickness, mesh spacing? How wide is the alloy surround? Replica usage of course!

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The mesh is aproximatly 10mm wide. This means 10mm between wire.

The holes I opened on my GTA replicav (as well as the grille mesh) were based on a book. We've got some idea of the dimensions and made something similar. It turned out ok.
Here's a photo. I can measure the hole if you wish but Anthony or another BB'er who owns a real GTA would be the best person to suply that info...


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Does this mean that everyone just guesses based on photos?
ya, sort of...

First, there aren't many GTA nearby. And then most of them have taken a lot of beating and many of them don't have the same hole dimension.

I took some measurements from this photo and then scaled them to real size...

Here is the photo and the final result (in B/W photos:cool:).


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