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GTA being restored at VSOC

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What do you guys think about this:
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Any info on the GTA. I couldn't find anything on their site.

I emailed them for info. They sent me a few pics and said 80,000 Euros as is. It's pretty well disassembled. They claim it's in "fast road" spec but it has a roll bar or cage.

Doug Bender
I've e-mailed them for info, a couple of features I can see in the photo on there website make me a little dubious....
I've e-mailed them for info, a couple of features I can see in the photo on there website make me a little dubious....
Max , in what way makes it dubious to you, as I am inetrested in this GTA.
Thanks in advance

Best regards
Max, I too would be interested in what you saw. However it is interesting that the racer's value and the unrestored stradale are about the same. Clearly to put back all the interior and general finishes is a major cost which means that for either of these two cars to be returned to their original state puts them over the E120K region. This is a price well in excess of current values. Has something happened?
OK I've checked the photos and description out. I was dubious from the initial photo on their website as I saw the following things:-

Incorrect lower grille cut out positions, Sprint GT size radiator, shallow rear arch profile and the lack of correct top right GTA radiator mounting bracket. the biggest worry was the shallow rear arch as obviously its not correct for 1600 GTA.

So I got the info through, first thing I read was that its an 848 chassis number - these were the so called 'interim' cars - a different chassis number series for a handful of cars built as 1600's using 1300 GTA parts. This explains the shallow rear arches and also explains the 4 bolt engine cross member, 1300 GTA upright spindles and ATE brakes, that I saw in the following photos I received.

I haven't known an interim car come on the market for a while... What's their value?... interesting question.... Well they are 1600 GTAs and they are allowed to race in FIA events in terms of the body shell, but they must be converted to pre-66 Dunlop brakes etc. Naturally they don't have many of the 'correct' 1600 GTA features, such as the deep rear arches, 2-bolt engine cross member, exquisite 1-piece single claw suspension spindles, Dunlop brakes etc, etc. You may see this as a negative (I do), but then again it is a very rare car, how many they made I'm not sure, but I imagine only a handful.

So getting to the front end issues, well knowing the reason for the shallow rear arch - 848 series (rather than a fudged car) the only explanation is accident damage - most GTAs have been crashed at some point... I suspect that the bonnet hinge under panel was badly damaged and replaced with one from a Sprint GT, hence no GTA rad bracket and Sprint GT radiator... all very fixable issues. the front panel was obvoiusly made not quite correct with the position of the lower grille holes not in the right place....
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Do not always jump to conclusions !

Knowing the car and the owner of it i say: read firstly text on the VSOC website, think, do some homework then call them and find out. Or better go and see the car. Work has been done by experienced and decent people. Enjoy!
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