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GT windshield clips

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Does anyone know if the windshield clips from a sedan are the same as the GT.


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Not sure what clips you are speaking of. The little clips imbedded in the glue/silicone? If so, I am pretty sure they are the same. If you already have the windshield out, and it's a GT, go with GTV6 gasket (unless you are doing a perfect resto, or something :D). Much better in both install and looks, IMHO.
Sedan and GT Window clips are not the same.

A friend of mine picked up a bunch of NOS Sedan window clips for me a few years ago when I was restoring my GT. When I took my windows out and compaired the clips off of the GT to the NOS sedan clips, they weren't the same. It looks like the sedan window surrounds are slightly wider. So sedan clips won't work on the GT.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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