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Hey Folks - I just bought a '69 GT - drove it back from Portland down to Berkeley over the weekend. I've been driving and restoring alfas for about eight years now, and I've always wanted a 69 GT! It's very exciting.

The car is in great shape mechanically. The engine is very strong, and much of the mechanicals are recently redone (tranny, driveline, suspension, etc). It has an LSD from a later spider. I'm going to check the paperwork tonight to see exactly what was done to the head when it was rebuilt - it must have been ported out. Driving it is even more exciting than the old 1750 Kamm tailed spider I used to have...

It's a bit of a project. The interior needs to be redone, the seats need new vinyl and the headliner will get replaced when I get the car painted. Waiting for vinyl samples to show up so I can order the seat covers...

There is a bit of rust in the wheel arches and in the rockers. Nothing too bad tho - I was able to look inside of the passenger side rocker and the inner rocker panel looks pretty good. I've been wanting to learn how to weld for a few years now, and I wanted to find a good driver that needed body work.

The floors were redone last year. The PO did a nice job getting the dash recovered and getting everything organized.

It's definitely the most complete Alfa I've ever purchased. It's got some neat mags on it, but I'm going to take it back to the original steel wheels - probably the first project will be taking a look at the brakes when I get the mags off.

Anyway. I just wanted to introduce myself. I recently completed the restoration of a '62 Giulietta Spider and have gotten to know the 750/101 community pretty well. Those folks are an amazing resource!

If anyone has any leads on other 105.XX resources or groups that I should join please drop me a PM. I'll post pics at some point soon.

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