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Hello all,
I inherited an Alfa project. It was a typical "ran when parked" car that sat for 15 or so years. It is a 1967 GT 1300 Junior. I was told that it did run.
I have, so far, replaced the entire fuel system including tank, pick up, lines, pump, and rebuilt carbs (40 DCOE).
I have also been through the ignition system. Changed to pertronix electronic and replaced plugs, wires, and coil.
The car will run but very rough. It will only idle with the enrichment lever activated and will only stumble when revved. I did make sure the accelerator pump pistons are working properly.
I am kind of stumped. The engine seems ok. It passed a leakdown test no problem and I did visually inspect the cams and everything seems in order. I am not sure where to go from here.
Any thoughts?
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