I have a Grundig 3-band cassette radio, WKC 3037, that came with my '73 GTV years ago. It was not working at the time so I replaced it with a more modern one. But recently I had all the innards replaced in the Grundig with digital units; AM, FM, World wide International (the cassette mechanism could not be repaired). But I noticed that it came with a black faceplate with 'Sanyo' blacked out with a marker. I am looking for a faceplate that will go with a vintage radio.

You can see the radio and faceplate here: WKC3037 Car Radio Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke, build | Radiomuseum (scroll thru the photos to see the faceplate)

The dimensions of the 'Sanyo' faceplate are:
Overall length: 191 mm
Overall width: 58 mm
Opening length: 103 mm
Opening width: 42 mm