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That car is badass, it's a competitor with the BMW 6 series, Mercedez CL, basically a big two door car. I would much rather have that car between any other in it's class.

I personally think it look's like a beefed up TT.

The Alfa name is a definite no no, but what can you do, that's what happends when designer's leave, they give in on secret's for the new company.

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smestas said:
It reminds me of a Audi TT on steroids!
And the TT reminds me of a squashed new beetle! They do look like they're ready to pounce though. Much like the GTV and Corrado.

I have admired Audis for years. Would love to have an A4 or Avant as a daily driver. Of course I'd want the S4 version, but I'd have to do some serious bargaining, er begging. The new (normally aspirated) V8 makes me drool.
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