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Group A GTV6 Rallye

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Tour de Corse Group A leader. What year?? '86?
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I made this video, I have the full-length Corsica video if anyone's interested.
YES Please!!!! That man has skills.
I'll PM you.
What really kills me - great car, great video, by the way - is how people stand right on the course (in the rain!) with but feet separating themselves from the high-speed vehicles. They don't even blink.

I doubt that I could enjoy myself in such an environment, whether I was the spectator or driver. It's too close.

I think I saw one person with a small child???

Neveertheless, great video, and a great GTV-6!

YES Please!!!! That man has skills.
I'll PM you.
There is no more footage of the Alfas in the video. I took it all out and made that clip.

Currently I'm building a house (with a big garage and working facilities), but hope to finish it in two or tree months. As soon as this job get done, my next project will be to built a replica of the Alfa GTV6 Group A "Rothmans" driven by Ives Loubet in the 1986 Corsica Rally. And I mean an exact replica down to the minor decal.

I've got a 1983 2.0 Alfetta body with no crash damage, few surface rust sports that is going to receive as close as posible "works specifications":

- Seam welding
- Roll cage
- Lightweight interior.... an so on.

I'll open a topic, of course.

Best regards, Alvaro.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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