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Attended a joint tech session with the Ferrari and Alfa clubs at Griot's garage in Fife some months back. There was a fairly large turnout (though I was the only one there with an Alfa). The hour session consisted of three manned stations (exterior, interior, and motorcycle care), each consisting of a demo of various Griot's car care products. For those who wanted to learn more, the personnel offered to provide one on one sessions by appointment. It was a very impressive and I did eventually land up buying their buffer and many of there products.

On the other hand it is one thing to buy a buffer/car care products and making the actual leap to metal. So I called Griot's Garge a couple of weeks ago and made an appointment for a one on one session last Friday at 10:00. I was met by Guy Devivo, one of the staff, who proceeded to show me the the correct way to use their buffer/products on my dark blue '71 GTV. He anwered all my questions over the course of an hour. It was probably one of the most productive tech sessions I have ever attended.

I would recommend to anyone in the club to give them a call and do the same (no affiliation).

Griot's Garage
3500-A 20th Street East
Tacoma, Washington 98424
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