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Greetings all, after years of alegance to ford escorts ( mk3's) ive decided to get some money spent & buy a decent car to commute in, but me being me im not buying anything plain, so i fancy an alfa 156! ive test driven the cars & done a bit of research, and im on the look out for a 2000 W plate 2.0 TS Veloce, with leather & the big touring car style spoiler.

However, a mechanic friend of mine keeps disuading me about these cars as he says the 1.8 & 2.0 engines have a habit of dropping the bottom end, he says that the oil spray system which keeps the piston skirts cool fails as soon as the oil level drops below max, the pistons jam in the bores & chaos ensues.
How true is this??
He says the v6 is better but its will be a bit dear to insure & put juice in as i do 300 miles a week.

i dont want to but one only to have the engine let me down, im looking at spending 8-9k on one so i dont want the extra expense of an engine!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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