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Gotech ecu V7 pro and alfa 24v

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Trying to get a 24v swapped milano going with this gotech ecu pro v7, I have a bunch of questions.

I was wondering if anyone here has gotten gotech to work with the coil on plug setup of the 24v 164 engine. So far we are running the 60-2 trigger wheel and magnetic crank sensor. Wiring it up as mode 4 and maybe we need one external ignitier? in the manual it doesnt show wiring for all the coils just a common power.

The engines coil packs,and injectors go to one sub harness which is very nice, Im thinking of using the spiral connector (engine side) and the companion connector(harness to ecu side) and just cutting the wires further down and wiring up the go tech that way. Does this seem like the right track?

And lastly does anyone have a pdf of 164 24v engine wiring schematic?
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I would post this in the 164 forum. You may get a better response
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