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I found two great links for Bosch L-Jetronic manuals.

One is a PDF that you can download. The author is Brad Artigue and it says on the table of contents in the 19 page book that it can be freely distributed in its original form. It gave me some good supplemental information to Eric's (ghnl) fantastic L-Jetronic page:

Bosch L-jetronic Fuel Injection Idle Adjustment Diagnostic and Tune Up Technical Article Alfa Romeo Spider Specific

The link for the PDF manual is:

The second manual is an actual Bosch L-Jetronic tech manual as posted on University of Alabama's student/faculty page. It is not available for download; it has to be scrolled through page by page on the screen. The address for this manual is:

Bosch L-Jetronic Technical Instruction Manual

As helpful as the forum and its members have been to me this past year as I have been restoring my '86 Spider Quad, I am glad to pay back a little of what has been given to me.

Thanks, JP

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Also have found this book , available at Amazon to be good:

Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management: Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting and Service Using Common Tools and Equipment, High Performance Tuning, I believe Probst is the author

Thanks for the links!
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