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All - I just want to say thank you to all of you who have helped guide me through the many questions on my new Alfetta Sedan, and the Engine Fire
that occured last Saturday. There have been so many contributions (threads) and info provided, that I have got to tell you, I am honestly touched that a group of strangers like you guys have offered everything from advice, encouragement, technical info, experience to even offering me parts. By the way, I will take you up on the parts offers as soon as I have a complete readout on what is needed.

So, the only thing I can do at this point, as a service to the next guy who might have a bunch of questions, is consolidate the pages of notes you guys gave me - so that the next guy who buys an Alfetta Sedan, who has questions - will have a place to go to read the spectrum of advice and useful threads that were generated by my questions, and my subsequent engine fire. Alfetta Sedan folks, there is a lot of great info here, specific to our Sedans... Enjoy!

P.S. I told you guys I was taking notes, and you thought I was kidding?

Here is the list, in chronologial order, with credit to the forum member noted:

Great source of parts for Euro Alfa's - AFRA in Milano - Afra s.a.s. - Alfa Romeo spare parts for classic and vintage car - old timer Alfa Romeo Spare parts - Spare Alfa Romeo cars - spera parts antique Alfa Romeo - Spare parts Vintage Alfa Romeo - Spare parts Alfa Romeo epoque - Spare parts historic Alfa - ossodiseppia aka Brian

Source for interior material and restorals - Reoriginals - Re-Originals, Inc. - Restoration Headquarters - XRAY & DEL

How to check your VIN with Alpha Romeo - send vehicle ID to [email protected] - SFALFA - Jeff

Notes on adjusting (lowering suspension) - see: - DEL in Seattle

Early GTV torsion bars and Milano anti-roll bars can be leveraged as upgrades to stiffen up suspension and reduce body rolls
in the Sedans - SFALFA - Jeff

"Rule of thumb for lowering the suspension is that the suspension should be adjusted no lower than with the lower A-arms level with the ground.
You can take measurements at any point as long as the points are consistent between before and after. You can take a simple measurement between
the inner pivot of the A-arm and the outer ball joint end. Subtract the difference and that is a rough estimate of the maximum that
you could drop the suspension. This will give you an idea of if it is worth the trouble." - Mark Toro

"The hardest part is taking the bars off the arms and the crossmember. You may have to detach the whole thing first to do it on a bench" - QV

Color of my car is Blue Electrico - thank you for that info 'QV' in Minneapolis

Color of my car is pervinca blue - thank you to Alfettapb (Carlo) from London - who not only offered this info but basically offered a wealth of very important baseline info about my car - as he has the almost identical car. Carlo - I really appreciate your photos and the fabulous insight you shared. Where else could I get that sort of insight? Seriously, what a gift from a guy who has a near perfect example of my 1.8 Alfetta. I will follow your advice
on everything you posted there, and especially the great info on my suspension changes.. GTV Springs and Konis.. - Alfettapb aka Carlo

There were 67,733 Alpha Sedans produced from 75-83 - SFALFA - Jeff

OEM tires were probably 185/70x14 - Jim Tyson

For electric problems (any), disconnect the battery, clean the fuse block connections with an electrical cleaner and a brush after removing fuses.
This resolves many issues. Also use brass fuses, and just because a fuse looks good, don't trust it (XRAY) - it might be bad. So replace when in doubt.
For engine oil, use 7 quarts of 20\50w, something with a good ZDDP rating like Brad Penn, or Royal Purple. This is important to
these flat tappet motors for cam life. For the transaxle you need GL5 90W Either Motorcraft(Ford) Redline, or Amsoil.
Todd - aka Todd who owns a 77 Sedan

clean the electrical contacts on the wiper motor and it's wiring harness, same goes for the washer pump, so many electrical problems are
corroded contacts on these cars. Valvoline VR1 also is a high zinc oil that is readily available in 20/50. -NMMilano

Even if the battery is good, it won't be fully charged without substantial driving or sitting overnight on a good charger -
and your car has not been driven much lately. You can pull the battery and get a local mechanic to charge it on, sometimes a small home charger
will not to the job but will be fine for maintaining a charge. After ensuring you have a good charged battery, what kind of voltage are you getting
at the battery, at idle and running speed? Low voltage will result in the battery never fully charging and ruining the battery if you have
under 13v running. Then go ahead and clean battery terminals and work your way back to the main junctions and grounds.
You might be surprised at the improvement in the overall electrical system performance! Would be good to check alternator output,
these cars are not overbuilt in that area. - Peter A (thanks Peter)

use a Fram PH7 oil filter... XRAY

Too **** big - Fram PH16 to be much easier to use. - bs

Advice that was renderd to all after I made the stupid *** mistake of driving my car when I knew it had a fuel hose problem.
The hose that goes between the fuel pump and carbs popped off with a brass (correction: not plastic) fitting that is part of the fuel
pump. Not an uncommon failure that leads to engine fires.

"Resist the temptation and excitement of driving a newly acquired vintage vehicle until you know it is road worthy and safe to do so." - Papajam

Folow-up to that advice... take it from me, who had an engine compartment fire on my first real drive in the car, if you don't take this advice
you could be heartbroken at what happens to your car or perhaps you - if something goes wrong. Papajam is right, even though he might
benefit from attending a week at the "Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence people" course - don't chance it! - RobNH

And welcome to the 'REAL' Alfabb where everyone gives you an opinion, whether you like it or not... XRAY

"Now when I buy a new mechanical pump I disassemble it and remove the pressed on brass tubes,
tap the holes and thread in a new fitting. I do the same thing to the carbs.You might find
it your local hardware store, generally the brass fitting is 1/8 NPT on one side and 5/16 barbed on the other side.
You can use a vice to squeeze the old fitting and give the pump body a whack with a non marring dead blow hammer,
youll be surprised how easy it comes out. Get an 1/8 NPT tap and tap the hole.
Also available at part no.3220 or 3221 for 90deg fitting, any other supplier will have it too." - NMMilano

I would never persist in something that I thought was upsetting or frightening my wife. - Bill2000

Point well taken Bill - she just doesn't like the style of the car, and given it's age - she feels I took a big chance.

2015 Chevy (Holden) SS, 1989 Milano (Shankle Sport), 1991 164S
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Nice summary. Most of the BB posters are quite willing to help you anyway they can.

"given it's age - she feels I took a big chance"

Ah, but life without taking some chance is not much of a life, is it?

What kind of a chance does she think you are taking? Loss of money? Loss of reliability? Loss of life? The car when new was a very competent and safe car. Restored, it can be the same. As for liking the way it looks, well, rather subjective isn't it? My wife really lked the shape of her Alfettas, while my older brother thought it just looked like a plain jane Toyota.

I gather she doesn't enjoy driving all that much, esp a good handling car that you can go faster in in the curves. Most likely, she doesn't see the point of it all. Most people have absolutely no clue for that sort of thing, that a car is much more competent then they are in driving.

Most of the people I knew always told me I was taking really big chances with that funny eyetalian car when I first bought it. Told me I should have been driving a safe GM car. Borrrring,, and turns out my father's GM cars were not all that reliable after all, pieces of junk for the most part..

Oh, you are going to enjoy this one.

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I have a couple of nitpicks.

1) Please spell ALFA correctly. Now that you have an Alpha, you have no excuse for misspelling it. :)

2) I am sorry if I offend anyone, but.... Fram filters suck. I believe that JoeCab posted something on oil filters quite some time ago. Centerline sells Baldwin filters, they are some of the best on the market. If you are in a pinch and need one right now, get a WIX brand filter. NAPA sells them under their own label.

3) Who is OSSOPEDIA? Is that wikipedia for osso's? :D Sorry, Rob, I couldn't resist.
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