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Go Cart Enduro, Sunday Oct 28

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Go Cart Enduro - Sunday Oct 28, 2007
about 8:30am​
Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing
3215 Corridor Dr
Mira Loma, CA 91752 (951) 681-3601​

This is another enduro cart race organized by many of the AROSC folks who did the last one at Dromo I. It will be about 3 hours. We have the track reserved for just us. There is a group of Time Trialers out there who goe to this place weekly and are friends of the Manager, Lou. Terry Major seems to be the ringleader and is in charge of this Enduro.
This time it is out in Mira Loma, where the 60 and the 15 meet, just past Ontario, about 70 miles from Chatsworth.
These are gas-powered carts. Lap times are in the mid 30 sec range. They have helmets available if you don’t have your own. NO FACE SHIELDS required, I encourage you to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt. I drove out there a couple of Sundays ago and did 4 12 minute sessions and HAD A BLAST.
The track rental is $1,000 per hour. So the cost will be who ever shows up divided into $1,000. So 40 racers into $3,000 = $75 each. That’s about what I paid for my 4 sessions.
So far, almost 20 are signed up with a $70 deposit check payable to Terry Major.
This is a NO CONTACT event.
RULES: Major contact, causing spins, will result in a penalty box (sin bin) drive through visit, causing your team to lose time on the track. (sole/final discretion of penalty drive through will be by Fast Lap employees).
Also like last time, AROSC Instructors will be captains and we will round robin pick teams of 4, which will help with fast and consistent teams.
So write a check for 70 bucks, payable to Terry Major, and mail it to:
Terry Major
5438 Cimarron Ct
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

As Check arrives, you will be put on a spreadsheet in numerical order.
Any Questions??
909 899 6695
951 255 9631
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Need Some More Enduro competitors

So Far I have about 25 paid entrees
Looking for 15-20 more!
The race is tomorrow. So how many drivers do we have?
Arosc Fastlap Enduro

Tomorrow 830 am
38 entries so far
909 899 6695
What a blast!!
Thanks to Terry and the other Inland Empire folks who put this thing on.
About 37 of us showed up. Enough for 10 teams of 3 or 4.
Over 3 hours long , we each got at least 40 minutes of total driving time.
Winning team did about 300 laps.
When do we do this again.
Indoor cart racing, what an idea.
I second Paul. Those of us who went had a great time.
Thanks to Terry, Beverly, Dennis, Lew and everybody else that contributed to such a successful event.
And to Mike for taking the pictures. Mike! ... the pictures, we want to see some.

Jorge M.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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