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Not sure where to put this but it seemed to fit here.
A few bits of good and bad news from an article at italiaspeed on the various Fiat execs at Geneva.

Montezemolo announced that capacity would now be increased at Maserati's Modena plant to allow for the assembly of Alfa Romeo models, although these are expected to be strictly low-volume cars.
Also it may be that DCX will allow Fiat to build their version of the Trepiueno(?) small car on the Smart platform, which is not making money.

The Maserati-Audi partnership has been killed.

Maserati may kill off their upcoming coupe/spyder to build them on Alfa's premium platform and use GM's V8 to
create a clear 'seperation' from Alfa, while the new Coupe and Spyder, which are now in the later stages of development, would form the basis of Ferrari's new Dino project.

It is also believed that GM are busily co-operating with Alfa Romeo in order to get the 'Premium' floorplan finalised for US homologation, ready for the Alfa 159 and Brera's North American arrival late next year.
So generally good news except for that stuff about Maserati. The quote from Montezemolo is probably the best news and the most reliable.
181 - 183 of 183 Posts