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As many of you already know, my paint-shop mis-placed all of the door hardware for my 1970 Junior Zagato. I spent last Friday digging through the parts loft at the shop and feel pretty certain that they are not there. At this point there's little to do but look for another set.

I've been scouring the globe via the internet, email, phone, etc. trying to locate a pair but so far every lead I've gotten has turned up cold.

I know that a few folks have one handle or the other, or pieces but are understandably reluctant to part with them. If anyone has a set, in any condition, that they are willing to sell or know of a possible source, please contact me via pm or email ([email protected]).

I'm also looking for the chromed brass finish plates that are fastened to the latches. I expect that these will need to be fabricated but in the unlikely event that someone knows of a junkyard Jr Z, it would be great to get the whole package.

I've managed to source NOS door latches and new strikers (not the original chromed based units) and will have to fabricate the door lock rod. Installed this stuff a couple of days ago and everything works.

I still have the original Zagato door key. Hopefully, if I can find a set of handles I can have a locksmith change the tumblers around...

Thanks in advance for any help.



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