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Giulietta Sprint Speciale in San Francisco

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Dear members,

While on vacation in San Francisco on friday the 9th of October 2015, my girlfriend and I planned a busride with one of the hop on - hop off buslines to see San Francisco. Walking into the shop to buy the tickets, we got into a very pleasant conversation with the man behind the counter. Because I was wearing my 100 years Alfa Romeo t-shirt, he recognized a fellow Alfista. He told us he just bought an 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale. He showed us pictures of the red car that looked to be car that had been in storage for a longer time. It probably needs a restoration but seemed pretty sound for a car being stored. The front grille was bent so some chrome replacements are needed. It was a pleasure to talk to a fellow aficionada and I hope that he will see this thread and will tell us when the restoration will commence. I know the chassisnumber, checked it against my Fusi bible and told the owner to e-mail Marco Fazio to find out more about the history of the car. If he reads this and is willing to share his adventure restoring the car, please do so!

I wish I had bought a white Giulia Sprint Speciale with a little rust to the rockerpanels in 2002 for 22.000 euro's. Restoring it would probably have doubled the cost but looking at the prices and the great lines of the model, it was a mistake not to buy it. But then again, I now have a great looking Junior Zagato that is sound without rust and looking great in its Giallo Oro Zagato!

Hoping to hear from our fellow San Francisco Alfasta, Ciao!

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