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Maybe I posted on this argument other times, but each time is the right one to write something new about this wonderful car interiors! In the picture below the gray striped cloth seems almost light blue, because the light reflex of the blue vinyl, but you can see better the real gray color in the other pics.
There are 2 kinds of this striped fabric in 2 different shades of gray today in Italy. You need only to choose your favorite. Give a look to this blog post.

All fabrics used to produce classic Alfa interiors are of the best quality and the seat covers are hand made in Italy in Elvezio’s shop. Our Alfa interiors are very appreciated in Italy, and outside Italy especially in the U.S.A. and in Europe. Every part during the production is controlled in detail and made with passion and love.
For further information on our classic Alfa interiors send us and email to [email protected].


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