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This fabric and color combinations (like the original) is for the panels of Giulietta Sprint 2nd series.
We produce these panels also in other colors, so the available options are: gray, red or blue combined with the striped cloth like in the pictures here.

The shade of the striped cloth might change every time it is produced, as you might know. So if you are thinking to re-do the entire car: seat covers and the door panels, than do it all at once with the same striped fabric shade.
To see the two different shades of the striped cloth available today at Elvezio’s shop, click here.
Once the available striped cloth is gone, the shade on the new one produced will be different.

If you order these panels you will refinish them with your original trims in your country.

If you have questions contact us at [email protected]. While you you want to check the price of the front panels, send an email to [email protected].


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