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Hello... I'm new to the Alfa world.... LOTS OF QUESTIONS!

I recently purchased a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider from an estate auction of a friend of mine. The car hasn't seen daylight for 40 years or more. It was taken apart for some type of a restoration and forgotten. The engine and Trans are out of the car, I did get 2 engines with it and no transmission.

I have lots of questions... serial number locations for starts, exact year, what and where parts are available etc... the car is actually very nice I think. No visual rust or repairs. the floor pan does have a couple of small rust holes on the passenger side nothing major. Another question is where to look for rust? are there typical places/signs for these cars?

The only serial number stamp I can find is on the firewall and it isn't like the others I've seen on-line it's AR*170876 I haven't found any other tags other than the Alfa tag in the drivers door jam.

Any help would be appreciated... sorry to sound so stupid, but this is the first Alfa I've ever been around.



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