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Hi everyone, so this is my first post on the forum, and of course it's seeking input on electrical problems on an Alfa! Mine's a 2012 Giulietta 1.4T petrol. It's located in Hong Kong, where there's only one Alfa service centre, and they charge a fortune. So I've been doing most of my own work, oil changes, replacing random interior bits that have snapped, etc.

But I've run into a problem which I'm afraid requires a trip to the dealer, unless folks on this forum have any bright ideas!

After several weeks of not driving it, the battery had dropped charge to the point the starter barely clicked. Jump start, run the car, all seemed fine, but the odometer was blinking and the battery was 4 years old so I figured I'd replace it. Odometer still kept blinking but I ignored it, figuring I didn't want to go to the dealer for an overpriced computer reset.

A couple weeks later, the ABS, steering connector, ESC, hill hold warning lights all came on while driving. Car still drove fine, but the hill hold doesn't work and I presume none of the functions do either. Initially I'd get the warning lights 1 out of 3 drives, but now they are lighting up every time.

What do you reckon? Is this just a reset? Or something worse?

Much appreciated...!
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